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Ain’t got no job…

The archaeology labour market in Austria, Germany and the UK, 2007-2012

Raimund Karl[1], Katharina Möller[2] and Karl R. Krierer[3]

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Recent studies (e.g. Schlanger and Aitchison 2010) have highlighted how badly affected the archaeology labour market was by the current economic crisis. In some countries in some sectors, particularly in contract archaeology, job losses until 2009 amounted to as much as 80% of the jobs available as little as two years earlier (Eogan 2010, 20). While the situation was somewhat less dramatic in other countries, it is clear that the recession affected all of the European archaeology labour market badly where (previously) existing jobs are concerned. This paper, written to coincide with the start of the second Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe project on 1 November 2012, which will analyse the European archaeology labour market in the period 2012-2014, takes a closer look at the ‘other side’ of the archaeology labour market; the supply of ‘open positions’ advertised in Austria, Germany, and the United Kingdom in the period roughly between the start of the first Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe project in 2007 and the middle of September 2012.

This analysis is based on the archaeology job adverts collected through the International Austrian Archaeology Forum’s (IÖAF) online archaeology jobs resource. Operational since November 2003, we have since put online 9,381 archaeology job adverts. Most of these adverts – 8,491 – were for posts in Austria (AT), Germany (DE), or the United Kingdom (UK)[4], with the vast majority of adverts relating to posts in the latter (see fig. 1).


Fig. 1: Adverts for Austria, Germany and the UK in the IÖAF archaeology jobs resource, 8/11/2003-15/9/2012.