Wo lag das Königreich Yam?

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Where Was the Mysterious Kingdom of Yam?

Yam was an African kingdom that existed in ancient times. Not much is known about this ancient kingdom, and what little we do know about it comes from a few Egyptian texts belonging to the Old Kingdom period. Based on these texts, we know that the people of Yam had contacts, specifically trade and military, with the ancient Egyptians of the Old Kingdom. Other than that, nothing much can be said with certain about this kingdom.
Where Was the Kingdom of Yam?

The main mystery about Yam is its exact location. There are some clues in the ancient sources as to where Yam is situated. Nevertheless, these are not clear enough, and modern scholars have disagreed with each other as to how such clues should be understood. The clues for Yam’s whereabouts can be found in a tomb inscription known as the Autobiography of Harkhuf . As the title of this text suggests, this inscription belonged to a man named Harkhuf, a governor of Upper Egypt who lived during the 6th Dynasty (around 2345 BC – 2181 BC), and served under the pharaohs Merenre and Pepi II.

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