Artaxata – Armenisches Karthago

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Artaxata – “The Armenian Carthage”

Artaxata, meaning “joy of Arta” was an ancient city and capital of the Kingdom of Armenia in the Ararat Province of Armenia.

Artaxata was founded by King Artashes I of the Artaxiad dynasty in 176 BC, rising to become the capital from 185 BC, where it was known as the “Vostan Hayots” meaning “court of the Armenians”.

The Artaxiad dynasty ruled from 189 BC, covering a territory that spanned Greater Armenia, the Kingdom of Sophene, and parts of Lesser Armenia and Mesopotamia.

According to Strabo and Plutarch (Greek historians and biographers), the city was a centre of Hellenistic culture, even being described as the “Armenian Carthage” due to a contested account that the Carthaginian general Hannibal was involved in the planning and construction of the city.

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