Russland, 2100 Jahre alter Tonkopf

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Mystery of unique 2,100-year-old human clay head
with a Ram's skull inside!

From The Siberian Times
By Anna Prokhozheva
09 April 2020

Modern fluoroscopy identifies sheep bones inside the Tagar culture death mask.

The discovery of the magnificent clay likeness of a young man in the Shestakovsky burial mound No 6 has long intrigued Russian archeologists.
Among cremated people this elegant mask of, perhaps, a handsome warrior immediately stood out as a remarkable find when it was first unearthed in Khakassia in 1968 by Professor Anatoly Martynov.
X-ray technology of the period indicated something was unusual about the bones inside the clay head - but could not reveal more.
‘There are skull bones and a small hollow space, which, however, does not correspond to the inner size of the human skull but is much smaller,’ noted the prescient Martynov in 1971.
Then - and later - opening the clay head was deemed impossible since it would destroy this ancient relic.

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