Nimes, römische Villen

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Archaeologists Discover Ornate Roman Domūs in Central Nîmes
Archaeologists conducting excavations in the French city of Nîmes have discovered the remains of two high status Roman domus (houses).
Nîmes became a Roman colony called Colonia Nemausus sometime before 28 BC, emerging as a major administrative centre to govern southern Gaul.
At its peak, the city had around 50,000–60,000 inhabitants and various civic and recreational buildings, such as a civil basilica, a curia, a gymnasium, amphitheatre, several temples, and perhaps a circus.
Excavations were conducted by the National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (Inrap) in the area of the Roman forum district.
The team excavated two Roman domus, a typical high-status building occupied by the elite upper classes of Roman society. A domus normally has a vestibulum (entrance hall) that led into a large central hall: the atrium, with several cubicula (bedrooms), a dining room triclinium, a tablinum (living room or study), and a culina (Roman kitchen).

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