West-Iran: 2200 Jahre alte Grenzmauer

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Great 2,200-year-old Barrier Wall Found in Iran

A survey in Western Iran has revealed a lengthy and substantial barrier wall meandering through a remote area, that dates back over 2200 years. The builders of this wall and its original purpose is something of an enigma.

The wall was found during a survey working in Sar Pol-e Zahab County in Kermanshah Province. This area is located on ‘the Great Khorasan route, or the ‘Zagros Gate’ and ‘Asia Gate’ according to a study published by Antiquity. It is a region that is famous for rock reliefs, archaeological remains, and ancient inscriptions, dating back to pre-Islamic times. The researchers discovered a number of remains dating from the Stone Age to the Abbasid Caliphate , during the work.
Mysterious Wall

The survey found the remains of a wall that stretched for 71 miles (115 kilometers), during its work. It runs from the Bamu Mountains to near a small village, near Guwaver of Gilan-e-Gharb, and much of it is built on hills and rocky outcrops. The mysterious wall was ‘the length of the famous Hadrian's Wall that was built across England by the Romans’ reports Live Science .
Huge barrier

This massive barrier is made out of local materials, including rocks and boulders, held together by a gypsum mortar. Live Science reports that Alibagi has stated that ‘Remnants of structures, now destroyed, are visible in places along the wall’. These may have been turrets, gatehouses, or towers. The construction of the barrier was a massive undertaking and required many resources. Live Science reports that ‘approximately one million cubic meters [35,314,667 cubic feet] of stone’ was used in the construction of the wall.

While the team who found the wall were amazed by their discovery, it was not news to the local people. They have long known about the wall and they refer to it as the ‘Gawri Wall’ reports the Medical Daily . Moreover, it was also identified by a team of archaeologists in the past, but they never published their findings.

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