Tas-Silġ, römischer Tempel

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Roman Temple Discovered Under a Farmhouse in Malta

Malta lies at the very heart of the Mediterranean and it has many historic ruins and sites attesting to that fact. Now another feature has been added to the list. While working on a restoration project at a famous temple complex at Tas-Silġ, archaeologists made an amazing discovery. They unearthed the foundations of a very important Roman temple, concealed beneath a farmhouse, and this is helping experts to better understand a site that played a major role in religious life in the ancient world.

Tas-Silġ is on the south coast of the island of Malta. It is a major religious site which was occupied for over four thousand years - from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages. There are the remains of a megalithic temple and a Punic sanctuary at Tas-Silġ . These are believed to have been major pilgrimage sites that attracted the faithful from all over the Mediterranean. A renowned Roman temple was also built at the site, but little of this has survived.

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