Türkei, Uşaklı Höyük, Ältestes bekanntes Mosaik

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World’s Oldest Mosaic Unearthed in Turkey

Archaeologists in Turkey believe that they have uncovered the oldest mosaic yet found. This paved floor made of irregular colored stones was unearthed during fieldwork in what is believed to have been a Bronze Age Hittite city. This find could revolutionize our understanding of the development of the art of mosaic making and provide insights into Hittite civilization.

The mosaic was unearthed during a planned excavation at Uşaklı Höyük in central Turkey, some 14 miles (19km) north of Yozgat in 2018. It was “occupied from the end of the 3rd millennium, during the Middle Bronze and Paleo-Hittite phases (18th-16th centuries BC),” according to The Archaeological Project at Uşaklı Höyük . Since 2008, the Anatolian Archaeological Project in Central Anatolia has been revealing the ancient town’s long history. They have found fragments of cuneiform tablets indicating that it was once a major Hittite center. Dr. Anacleto D’Agostini of Pisa University, who took part in the mission, wrote that the site may be the “lost Hittite city of Zippalanda,” according to Haaretz.

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